Serial Mover

March 10, 2009

Now at Blogspot.


I love how wordpress works, the clean layout and the white-and-grey colour scheme. But the templates are horrible and I’m too much of a tech idiot to tweak the non-wordpress templates to fit my blog. So I’ve moved to blogspot which provides the kind of clean white-and-grey blog template I fancy.


March 5, 2009

I’ve cut myself loose.

I have been feeling fine since we last made contact. Sure, I was teary-eyed after the meeting and I hugged him like I couldn’t let go. But I knew that was it.

I called him 2 days ago, and I knew.. He had no more feelings left in his stone-cold heart.

I texted him, and I told him I’m moving on.

So far so good. I’m up and running like a good human being.

It doesn’t feel good. But it feels free.


February 15, 2009