February 8, 2009


“Can you please understand that I really like to have a good night rest to start work early and end early tomorrow.. so at least when I meet you tomorrow we can watch a movie and shops are still open. You realize I haven’t been out for so long and I really want to tomorrow.”

This was a text message that was sent to me by a friend (sex: Male), S, and the message was not intended for my eyes. But it felt like deja vu, like it was a message from Mr F. It was exactly what Mr F will do.

S has been going out on “dates” with me and my best friend, G. “Dates” meaning daily text messages that ping back and forth, car rides back home from town, meeting up for dinner, peeling prawn shells over dinner, buying biscuits from Malacca and delivering them to us. Fortunately for the subject in the text message is, we’re not into him and we treat him as a purely platonic friend. Unfortunately for her, he’s a muther-fuckin’ L.I.A.R. He’s been out, both G and I can testify to that.

Two words, MEN SUCK.