Just a little training

February 25, 2009

Today’s my 2nd pill-free day.

I’ve decided to go au-natural after watching Oprah. Those chemicals simply just don’t work. I still feel almost suicidal even after taking them.

My Routine:

715am: Wake up with a stretch and a big yawn
720am: Smile!
730am: Listen to happy music while primping
Throughout the day: Tell myself, “A breakup doesn’t kill you. Be glad you’re still drinking a mocha latte.”
Periodically: Smile!
11pm: My little quiet time with the Big Man
1110pm: Read the Bible
1130pm: Clear my head for 2 minutes and just listen to the silence

“Although an individual may be born with a predisposition toward gloominess or anxiety, the emotional floor plan can be altered, the brain’s furniture moved to a more felicitous arrangement; with a little training, you can coax a fretful mind toward a happier outlook.”


One Response to “Just a little training”

  1. theDQ Says:

    is it that bad?? i mean does it make u go DQ? cuz i’m taking it but because it helps me with my pimplesssss…>< are u religious now?? remember i think we talked about how we wanted to convert before but are u??/ so u can convert me…hahaha :P

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